Political Parties as Companies

These days, changing membership of political parties has become akin to job hopping in companies. If job hopping is all right after all, is there anything wrong in changing political parties? Well, I think there is a huge difference between working in a company and working as a member of political party. When a person works in a company, his/her job is to execute the duties assigned to him/her. The person is rewarded suitably if he/she works well or not so well. There is basic expectation from the employee about ethics like not disclosing the secrets of the company etc. However, there is no ideology involved. It is a question of working towards the objectives of the company and not towards an ideology.

On the other hand, a political party is based on ideology. If a person believes in communist ideology, how can he/she join BJP and vice versa? However, if this is happening then it means that it is not a question of ideology but of objective. Since, parties do accept such transfers, it indicates that the political system is acting like corporate system at least in this respect.

(The article is based on a general thought and has no correlation with any real-life political situation.)

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