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Creation Theories

imageQ: If the truth is only one why there are so many theories of creation put forward by various religions & philosophies?

A: If you ask a frog in the well about creation what can it say? When we want to know about the purpose and cause of creation, we need to see this from the perspective of the creator and not from the perspective of someone who is part of the creation. Since absolute truth is consciousness and there is nothing else but it from its perspective, actually there is no creation (please refer to this). But since answer is to be given to somebody living within the creation asking this question, various attempts are made to come out with the most sensible answer applicable at that particular point of time.

Why there is creation?

Q:Why there is creation?

A: Creation is the dream of consciousness in which consciousness itself is present in many forms. Here is an analogy to understand this:

Consciousness is (say) Vishnu, Vishnu sees a dream (say, Brahma) in which he himself is present in many forms. So, you the questioner is a dream object in Vishnu’s dream. When this dream is over one can say that Shiva has destroyed the world. Here Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva are used as symbols meant for explanation purpose. Vishnu symbolises pure consciousness, Brahma symbolises creation (i.e. consciousness in dream or under ignorance), Shiva symbolises destruction of dream/ignorance. One can use different symbols if one wants to.