Astro-Researcher Manish Verma

Astrology Researcher Manish Verma
[email protected], 09755122550

– Career Astrology
– Medical Astrology
– Astro-Yoga (Life-Purpose Astrology)
– Kundali Matching
– Relationship Problems
– Chart-Reading
– Remedies (Diet, Gemstones, Mantras, Metals, Rudraksh)

There is no fees that is to be paid at this point of time – donation/gurudakshina is optional.

The type of astrology that is being referred to here is often called, “Vedic Astrology” these days. Actually, it is based on/derived from the work of sages like Parashara, Bhrigu, Jaimini etc.

Astrologers among you might be interested to know what brought a technocrat to spirituality. Here are some clues from his rashi chart:

Ju – Lord of Ascendant,
Ju – Lord of Rashi,
Ju + Me – 1st House,
Ke – In a Moksha House.

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