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10th House

10th House (10H) = House of Recognition

10H is the 2nd house from the 9th house. 2nd house is the house of speech and 9th house is the house of luck. So, 10th house can be viewed as the house in which 9th House (luck) speaks (2H). 10H is the expression of 9H.

Astrology-Dharma Connection
1) Brahmin Varna: Rashi is Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces.
2) Kshatriya Varna: Rashi is Aries/Leo/Sagittarius.
3) Vaishya Varna: Rashi is Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn.
4) Shoodra Varna: Rashi is Gemini/Libra/Aquarius.

Combust/Ast Planets
Moon within 12, Mars 17, Mercury 13, Jupiter 11, Venus 9 and Saturn 15 degrees of Sun are considered to be combust/ast.

Controlling Planets for 5 Elements
Earth - Me & Lagna
Air - Sa & Ra
Fire - Ma & Su
Water - Mo & Ve
Space - Ju & Ke

Gender of Grahas
Male - Su, Ju, Ma Female - Mo, Ve, Ra Neutral - Sa, Me, Ke

Ma, Me Conjunction/Aspect
Ma and Me influencing each other can give good reasoning ability. Scientific research or analytical work may be suitable for such combination. Any field requiring forceful communication like journalism, debating etc. may be suitable.

Mangal Dosha
Certain house positions of Ma in a person's kundali give rise to Mangal Dosha barring some debatable cancellation conditions. These positions according to Parashara are 1H, 4H, 7H, 8H & 12H. The primary consideration here is 7H, the house of marriage. Ma in 1H, 4H & 12H influences 7H by aspect. Ma in 7H obviously influences 7H. 8H is the house of life and hence it is also considered. At many places 2H is also considered for Mangal Dosha which perhaps has to do with the integrity of the joint family. The cancellation conditions of Mangal Dosha are not considered here.

Rahu is obsession. Obsession causes bondage and leads to unconsciousness. Binding desires are the cause of rebirth.

Scorpio Lagna Careers
Raw materials, iron, metal, mining, oil, gas, gemstones, engineering, manufacturing, industries, agriculture, geologist, electricity, researchers, scientists, inventors, investigation, doctors, surgeon, psychologists, occult, astrology, spirituality, black magic, tantra.

Upachaya Houses
3H, 6H, 10H and 11H are called upachaya houses that grow with time and take time to give results.

Why are Mars & Mercury Enemies?
Mars is about action. An action can only be taken when decision has been taken to take the action. Mercury is about communication that can be viewed as to and fro motion. To and fro motion amplifies when there is a state of confusion. No single minded action is possible as long as there is a state of confusion. So, Mars and Mercury have opposite nature and hence they are enemies.

Why do Ju and Me have love and hate relationship?
Ju is knowledge and Me is communication, i.e. the medium through which knowledge is expressed. This way, Ju and Me compliment each other. However, Me is somewhat materialistic whereas Ju is also about wisdom or going beyond materialism. In this context, there can be some contradiction between Ju and Me.

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